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18TH MARCH 2020




All bowling activities are cancelled forthwith and until further notice, this includes the Isle of Wight tour.



Draft proposal for the Committee at Burford Town Bowls Club


In relation to the current and future situation regarding  Coronavirus (Covid- 19)

Our primary concern is for the safety and health of our members through the current crisis and we recognise that many of our members and friends within the bowling community are in the “more vulnerable group”.   As a result:

All bowling activities will be suspended from (the date of agreement) until further notice.

The clubhouse will be closed from Sunday 22 March at 1800 hrs, after allowing members to retrieve any personal property from the changing rooms. They will need to contact a committee member to provide access before then.

The club will continue to arrange essential maintenance for the clubhouse and the greenkeeper will make arrangements to safeguard the bowling green and conduct minimal necessary maintenance on the green so that playing could restart relatively quickly when the all clear is given. Guidance is expected shortly from Bowls England on what steps are needed for a minimal level of maintenance to protect the green.

Apart from the necessary clubhouse and green maintenance, no further expenditure will be undertaken from our account.

We are already aware that no county league games, competitions etc will occur this year, but we have an agreed programme of friendly games organised. These will be cancelled up to 1 July and clubs notified as soon as possible. We will review the rest of the programme during the first week in June, to determine whether any matches after 1 July are capable of being played. We must accept that if any opposing club cancels any matches against us after1 July, then the match will not occur this year. Internal club competitions are all cancelled for the upcoming season

As Treasurer, I would recommend we do not ask people to join this year and members should not have to pay a subscription, as our bank account is better off than most clubs and should be able to cope with expenditure outlined in this proposal.

Bowls England and as a result, Bowls Oxfordshire will refund all affiliation fees and competition fees paid for the coming season, but instead we have an option to let everything roll over to next year. I recommend we take this option and merely seek reimbursement if a player clearly cannot participate next year for whatever reason. 

The bar manager is authorised to sell off any bar stock at cost price, which is within 3 months of it’s “best by date”. This will remain the case until a decision to reopen is made.

The website will become our primary method of providing information to members, with Roger’s assistance. Letters providing the same information will be sent to existing members that are known to not use a computer. The same will apply to committee members that don’t have Email, whilst decisions are needed to manage the period of suspension.



Finally, we should be mindful of our bowling friends’ personal situations and the effects of self isolation, loneliness or restrictions placed on travel.  Members are encouraged to support their friends if difficulties are encountered and keep an eye out to ensure their essential needs are met.


25 Year Anniversary Of Burford Town Bowls Club New ClubHouse



A letter from Mrs Christine Agg.

I was really impressed to see the newly decorated club house at the open evening Saturday 24th February 2018 , Cyril Agg my husband would have been equally pleased as it was just what he had planned to do at the time but the funds had ran out.


(Here is Mrs Agg Attending The Bowls Club Open Evening After A Major Re-Decoration Talking With John Hurren Club Treasurer).


Back then when the new club house was open we had many happy times keeping the club going, there would be Race Nights, Fancy Dress and Parties, long may the fun of fund raising continue.

Recalling all this now has made me realise just how hard Cyril my husband and a few other had worked for the club, it is a tribute to them and it makes me feel very proud of them.

Cyril joined the bowls club around 1984/5, Worth Webb had introduced Cyril to bowling and showed him how to play, he really enjoyed it and was not long before he got hooked. I would help out at functions, and we all had some lovely times, but the old club house was now getting dilapidated, it was in need of a lot of work and the floor was almost ready to give way.

Cyril introduced Bill Preedy  to bowls, and he too was soon hooked. Both Cyril and Bill thought that instead of repairing the old dilapidated club house why not build a new one?. “You will never do it” they heard, fund raising plans were put in to action. And as they say the rest is history.


Here is a list of peoples names who contributed towards the building of the new clubhouse


Cyril Agg - Christine Agg - Worth Webb - Bill Preedy - Laura Neam - Ernie Padge & Son

Steve Edgington - Mervyn Edgington - Dougie Mustoe - Maurice Mustoe



So, today a small team of volunteers battled the bad weather and applied their skills to some much needed maintenance. Well done to Jack,Alan,Bob,Ted,Trevor,Carl,Dougie,Maurice,Jeff and Roger.

How Lawn Bowls Can Improve Your Health


Any form of exercise is good for your health, no matter how gentle it may be. And, if you are participating in a team sport, such as lawn bowls, it helps improve your social life too, which contributes to all round happiness and well-being. Whether you are under ten or over eighty and are taking up the sport for the first time, lawn bowls is a great game for people of all ages and we shall take a look at these benefits below


What Does Lawn Bowls Involve?


Lawn bowls is a game of concentration, precision and accuracy and involves rolling biased or irregular balls as close as possible to a white ball called the Jack. It has been a popular sport in the UK for centuries and there are thousands of bowls clubs up and down the country. As the sport does not involve periods of prolonged and intense activity, it can be played by pretty much anyone. The game is either taken up as a social activity – strictly for leisure – or it can also be played at competition level, for those who want to give themselves more of a challenge.


How Can It Improve My Health?


Sports and physical activity is beneficial to your health as it keeps you active and alleviates boredom. A US study also revealed that bowls players had a lower fat content when compared with people who did not participate in activities – which is another good reason to take up the sport! However, if you do decide to take up lawn bowls, it is always best to check with your doctor first, especially if you have not taken up any form of sport for some time.

Here are some of the benefits:


Fitness- Lawn bowls helps moderately improve muscle strength (arm, shoulder, leg muscles), flexibility and endurance.


Mental Health- The game gets you out into the fresh air and helps alleviate depression and anxiety.


Increases Skills - Bowls involves some element of problem solving skills and also helps improve co-ordination and concentration.


Improves Confidence- Participating in a sport helps improve self-esteem and gets you out and about and meeting people.


Self-Discipline- Sports such as lawn bowls involves turning up on time and being organised by wearing the correct uniform.


Social Interaction- Lawn bowls helps improve social skills and being part of a team also gives you a sense of belonging.